Gitlab normally displays the source of HTML files you access through your web browser.

Here is how to force Gitlab to interpret and display the render of these files.


  • You can use HTML along with CSS and Javascript
  • It works on any Gitlab instance ( or for example)

Let’s go!

  • Upload your files to your Gitlab repository
  • At the root of this repo, add a file called .gitlab-ci.yml containing the following lines:
 - mkdir .public
 - cp -r * .public
 - mv .public public
    - public


Your file is now available at

Check your settings

Important note: Your repository must be public (in Settings → Visibility) if you want to allow unregistered users to access your file.

You can also use this technique with a private repository, see this post for details: Gitlab: use public Pages while keeping the Git repo private.

Further reading