Diagrams.net: How to add Font Awesome icons, Twemoji and more

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-flat-color.en

Diagrams.net (formerly draw.io) is a pretty neat and powerfull app used to create diagrams and flowcharts.

You can use it online without installation or get it on Linux, Mac and Windows with an Electron app .

Here is how to import additionnal icons to your Librairies, and pick them directly from the sidebar.

Let’s take the Font Awesome icons for example (see below for more icon sets)

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-open-library

  • in the bottom-right corner, select “All files”:

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-all-files

  • double-click on the color set you want to use. Note that I didn’t find a way to modify icon color after that step.

That’s it! You can now pick any icon from the sidebar:

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-sidebar

More icons please!#

Unfortunately Diagrams.net does not support importation of Font files. But several icon sets have already been packaged:


illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-twemoji

Download: Github.
Check out the Twemoji website for more info.

Google Material Design Icons#

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-material

Download: Github

And many more!#

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-flat-color.en

Download: Github

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-add-font-awesome-psnc

Download: Github

illustration: diagrams-draw.io-gestures.en

See also this repository for more icons

Going further#

General tutorials:

With Diagrams you can also

Update: You can also invite someone to a Diagrams.net instance with a preselected icon set:

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The goal of sponsorship is fund open source project dependencies and downstream integrations.

See also their post about leaving the .io domain name extension.