The homepage of Pondent

Why Pondent?

A static site is a great way to make your site safer and more performant. Combine it with GitHub and you have a version-controlled directory you can access from anywhere.

The problem is how to update it?

Pondent provides a client-side utility for adding Markdown-formatted posts to a GitHub repository in a format perfect for static site generators like Jekyll and Hugo.

A visual tour

Publishing a new post:

Editing a new post with Pondent

The settings page

Pondent settings

(Make sure to add trailing slashes to the Directory paths)

The commit generated on Github

The commit generated with Pondent

Uploading an attachment

The attachment is uploaded to a dedicated folder


  • Pondent does not support editing existing files
  • Requires to give a wide access to your Github account
  • No WYSIWYG editor
  • It’s maintained by a single (but talented!) dev, Michael Camilleri

Fortunately, Pondent is released into the Public Domain.
You know about Clojure? Join the team and improve this promissing editor. Michael seems to be someone you want to code with.