Using Hugo to share private posts

Screenshot of the theme Off The Record for Hugo

I sometime need to share posts with selected readers only, for review or private discussion.

This is precisely the objective of the Hugo theme ‘Off The Record’::

“publish a post and invite chosen readers with a private link – while keeping this post hidden from other visitors”.

A demo is available , and the source code is public.


Note that Hugo extended > 0.82 is required (Posts are not properly hidden with previous Hugo versions).


git clone --recurse-submodules


cd hugo-offtherecord-demo

hugo serve

How to use#

Set offTheRecord to true in the Front Matter of the posts you want to hide.

That’s all!


title: "Pending article, for review"
date: 2021-11-22T00:00:03+00:00
url: article-review-2022001100
offTheRecord: true

Technical details#

In greater detail, private posts are hidden from:

  • the homepage
  • the search results
  • the RSS feeds
  • the archive page
  • the sitemap

Search engines are also told not to index these posts.

See the changelog for a commented code tour.

Additional features#

This theme is based on Papermod, which provides numerous other features:

See the Papermod Documentation for more info


This solution should not be considered secured before checking your threat model with these caveats in mind:

  • someone could guess the URL of your private posts.
  • someone could automatically scan your website to discover these secret URL.
  • an attacker could access your Git repo and read the private post directly from the source file. You should use a private repo.

The way you share the link matters too. See “Gmail is opening and caching URLs within emails without user intervention” for example.

In addition, Internet actors on the way (hosts, internet and DNS providers) will handle parts / references of your page.


What’s left to do:

  • Check Hugo “Build Options” for relevant features
  • Verify the content of schema.json
  • Hide private posts from the tags pages and from Hugo series (disabled by default).



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