Gitlab: host and render HTML files

Gitlab normally displays the source of HTML files you access through your web browser.

Here is how to force Gitlab to interpret and display the render of these files.


  • You can use HTML along with CSS and Javascript
  • It works on any Gitlab instance ( or for example)

Let’s go!#

  • Upload your files to your Gitlab repository
  • Add a file called .gitlab-ci.yml containing the following lines at the root of this repo:
 - mkdir .public
 - cp -r * .public
 - mv .public public
    - public


Your file is now available at

Please note that your repository must be public (in Settings → Visibility) if you want to allow unregistered users to access your file.

Update: You can also use this technique with a private repository. See this post for details: Gitlab: use public Pages while keeping the Git repo private.

Further reading#

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